Monday, June 21, 2010

Beets To Have With A Glass Of Wine

I want you to eat your beets! Stephanie I am with you - I love beets. It could be that many of you have just never had deliciously prepared ones. So, give this a try.

Beet To Have With A Glass Of Wine

2 large beets
a bit of high quality blue cheese
garlic dressing
washed and dried endive leaves,cut about 1/4 way up from the bottom

Heat your oven to 400. Rinse the beets and cut off their tails and wrap them snuggly in tin foil. Put them in a baking pan( to avoid drips) and bake them for maybe an hour,depending on their size. I find that I cant really overbake them for my taste. Once they start to cook, their juice will come out and if this is allowed to brown on them a bit, it gives them a smokey roasted richness. Test them with a fork during baking- the less resistance you meet, the more cooked. To your taste.
Remove your cooked beets and let them cool. Once you can easily handle them, the peels will slip off with no problem. Cut them in a small dice and toss them in your garlic vinaigrette. Letting them sit awhile, a day maybe in the refrigerater, only makes them better.
When you have poured yourself some wine, fill the wide end of the endive leaves with some beets and crumble the blue cheese over. Don't overfill, the idea is to have a neat little bite you can pick up with the narrow end of the leaf and negotiate to your mouth without international incident. Try this yea of little beet faith, and remember, the more colorful our food, the better for us.


  1. Trying to make us eat our veggies? Nana, you sound like my mother. lol. She had this thing about eating vegetables, mainly that you had to do it, and could not leave the table otherwise.

    Once when I was five, I decided if I just waited long enough at the table, she'd realize I wasn't going to eat my veggies, give in and let me go to bed. Dinner was at 5:30, my bedtime probably around 7. My stubborn conviction and I sat there until 9pm, when I finally ate my veggies and went to bed.

    I shall try the beets. Definitely will try the wine. ;)

  2. I've been lurking for a bit, but have to comment to say: Oh, huzzah for the beet crusade! Such an honorable vegetable, nearly always in season, growable nearly everywhere – and so beautiful.

    Another favorite, for lazy or unforesightful beet-lovers (read: me): raw beets grated over salad, or as a sprout-alternative for a sandwich. Yum.

    Thanks for blogging, Nana!

  3. Beets are so delicious, I for one, love them. As I love blue cheese and a glass of red, I'll be trying this! I cook beets lots of different ways. Roasted in the oven drizzled with olive oil and rosemary, or in a good russian style borshch with sour cream.

    But the best way I love them is as a beet burger. You mix a cup of grated beet with a cup of grated carrot, and add a clove of garlic, fresh grated ginger, 2 tsp of coriander and 1 of cumin, 3/4 cup of dry breadcrumbs and an egg and mix to about 4 thick burgers. Cook in a little oil about 6 mins each side. Yummy with yogurt and cucumber dip.

    Another way I love them is in a Chocolate and beetroot cake with cardamon flavoured icing.

  4. Ein kleines Stückchen...

    Can't beet that with a stick... I'll give 'em a go, though I'll pass on the bleu cheese and try them with grilled portobello mushrooms - my neighbor's having a cook-out this weekend and asked me to be a little, er, "creative"..


  5. This sounds delicious. I too love beets.

    I live out in a more rural area, and believe it or not, we have trouble getting fresh stuff. (Farmers just aren't growing stuff like that, it's all corn and soybeans (which are genetically modified by the way)).

    So, off to the Whole Foods it is!

  6. Going to try that recipe Nana and will let you know how it goes. My kids eat beets like they are candy.

    I heard that eating too many beets will make you grow copious amounts of arm pit hair....ever have that problem Nana???

  7. I heard that eating beets is good for blood...

  8. Looks like this is on your catering menu. Looks good. Love the Greek Salad cukes. gotta give it a try.

  9. beets are baking. Eating raspberry crepes to fill the time.

  10. C'est très magnifique! :)

    Excus me for my french. I've returned from France just now :) But it's realy beutiful receipe :) Thanks for blogging, Nana!