Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Picture Of The Neighbors, For My Friends In Prague


  1. It looks really cute!!!

    Nana, meeting you in Prague it was like to meet the best friend – absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience, for the amazing evening. I would like to see you again as soon as possible (my English will be better – I hope).

  2. I don't think I ever really got the amazing connection this gives us till I met you in Prague. I ,too, felt I was meeting an old friend. I look forward to the next time!And your English is quite good!

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  4. Wow it looks huge, is this one the "ex baby" ?

    Thank you for those wonderful days, it was amazing.
    I hope you enjoyed your stay and got home well.
    My little sister went crazy as I told her about meeting you and the day after
    she warned me from every curbstone that came in sight ;-).

    Oh and for your upcoming special guest i thought about an old family recipe of ours, "French Onion Soup", if you are interested.

    So thank you again for those special moments, it was such a pleasure.
    I look forward to the next time.

    all the best, Daniel

  5. *** hate this 'auto-correction-feature' of the drives me crazy when I'm trying to type english, that's why i deleted the first comment, it made me look so dyslexic just because i was too lazy to correct the auto-correction ;-) ***

  6. Oh, new nice photo! :)

    Nana, how are you? How have you traveled to Prague? Do you like Prague? As for me, Prague is one of my favourite cities in the World. I've visited Prague for the 6 time. Last time I was there this summer (end of June). Did you made some photos in Prague? All of your photos is really beautiful, and I'd like to see some photos from Prague, which you've made :)

    If it's interesting for you, you can see in my blog some photos with Prague views, which I've made last summer in Prague.

  7. I had a friend that went to Prague a year or two ago and they loved it.

    On another note: I am looking forward to the Pretzel Bread recipe!

  8. So finally I know what that animal looks like even though I don't remember what it was called. :)))) Vasek the translator

  9. Alpaca (cesky - lama alpaka)

  10. Wish the Oz trip had come off as well.

    Ah well, one day perhaps. But I look forward to collecting your recipes and trying them out on my unsuspecting partner.

  11. Thank you!!! Your Alpacas are even more beautiful than I expected. :)  
    I wish you my best and looking forward for next time meeting you.