Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dawn In Corrales


  1. End times. That's what that is. End times.
    That's super awesome, Nana.

  2. Stunning colours, great shot.

  3. all New Mexico's credit-some of the most breathtaking lighting I've ever seen

  4. Oh well and again...unbelievable, thank you for sharing this, and seriously Nana, take a look around yourself, there must be a bluebird somewhere ;-)

  5. Spectacular sunrise!

    Are you using any special type of camera or just a general digital?

  6. Daniel I could do with a bluebird, but its actually my fat parrot Luciano who is usually hanging off me somewhere!

    And to tell you the truth,this blog is the first time in my life I've ever taken pictures!Hard to believe at my ripe age but maybe its because cameras meant work to me. Its a Sony HD camcorder

  7. You've got a good eye then.

    Well done.

  8. C'est super! Les couleurs sont très magique :)

  9. Nana you are kidding, aren't you?
    You called him Luciano? Awww that's hilarious, I couldn't help myself but thinking the whole day about 2 (thinner) fellow parrots, named José and Plácido, all three sitting next to each other...what a thought, kept me grinning all day. Thank you :-)

    And yes I understand what u mean, if I encounter such a moment -like those you captured and shared with us- the last thing I'm thinking about, is trying to take a picture.

    Most times I'm too impressed or busy attempting to "inhale" as much of its beauty, just because those moments occur so rarely.
    By getting a camera ready I would risk to miss something and somehow it feels like it would destroy its uniqueness too.
    Knowing that this very moment will pass by and will never be seen or lived again makes it that worthy doesn't it?
    Banning it on film takes away that kind of magic somehow.
    But 'forcing' oneself to do it even so, guarants amazing pictures, like you have proven.

    Due to that I'm so thankful you are sharing them with us and sheesh, I got too philosophic on that one...sorry

    So after all the impressions I've seen, there's a growing wish inside of me, wanting to see that live, with my own eyes. It seems like some special piece of earth over there :-).

  10. What an amazing shot! So beautiful. I love how the lines all radiate toward the center. Great capture.

  11. Nana, would you have a recipe for a cheesecake, please? I like it, but I don´t know how make it (and your recipes are perfect).

  12. I wasn't sure you could see the sun radiating through the way I could that morning- I'm so glad you did!

    And Lenka- I'll write one of my favorite cheesecake recipes right now.

  13. Planning to make a cheese cake myself in the next little while. The winner of Gordon Ramsay's Master Chef made a nice no-bake one that is published in the book from the series, and I intend to make it.

    The trick apparently is to get it to set firm and not runny. Hard challenge in the one hour time frame they gave her.