Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Morning At The Growers Market

 multi colored carrots to make beautiful pickles

produce from Anjo Farms

tiny heirlooms
Matthew's beloved car that carried him home from the hospital as a baby, now putt- putts us to the growers market on Corrales Road


  1. "Multi-colored carrots to make beautiful pickles."
    Nana, I love you. You are so weird. :) Recently learned that carrots could be and originally were any other color but orange. Also that I can't be making and eating all your yummy goodies. It's gonna have to be salads for me at least until I can get back to class. Good thing I can make a mean salad.

    And wow at the car. Really. You guys must really be loving your lives over there.

  2. Isn't autumn just the most wonderful time of the year with its beautiful colours and all the fresh fruit and vegetables? I think I like it most!

    And, really, Nana: with all your beautiful photos you're making me homesick for Corrales although I've never been there in my live! Have you ever thought of publishing them as a calendar? I'd buy it!

    Lol Cecile

  3. Pickled carrots? I've never heard of that, gee there is a lot to know!

    All the veggies look wonderful: we went yesterday and bought some stuff as well, we're making some soup which we love in the fall, though it's 82 here in Ohio today! Oh well, can't complain I guess.

    Is that a Karmann Ghia? I had a friend who restored those, they were fun to drive in. Put-put is right!:-)

    You know, as you get more content, I think these recipes and pics would make a lovely book- the pics on the left side of the page, the recipes on the right or some such. Seriously!

  4. It looks more like an old Porsche 356 to me.

    And Nana, I think Lisa is absolutely right, those pictures and recipes would make a perfect book.

  5. Daniel
    Now that i look again, you may be right!

  6. You're all wrong. It's a blue car! Do I need to get more specific? it's made out of metal and tires and stuff. There ya go. :) See how being a school teacher makes you smart?? Oh yeah!

  7. Oh, I love cold pickled carrots and onions to put in a sandwich or a wrap. Kind of like the condiments for the Korean sandwich called Bahn Mi.

    I swear, Nana, we must be reading each others' minds, because I just made coarse shredded pickled carrots, and pickled sweet onions. They're sitting in my fridge right now, waiting to be mated with leftover meats and maybe some crumbled blue cheese in a wrap.

  8. OOOH that wrap sounds absolutely delicious!

    and to me and Hilary ,it's a blue car. To the rest of the world its a 1965 Porsche 356. Good call Daniel.

  9. So nice pictures! But I've never seen violet carrot before :) I like to prepare and eat korean salad with carrot, onion red peper, salt, vinegar and hot sunflower oil, but i prepare it form red or white carrot.

  10. Thank goodness it's not just me. Seriously that thing's a porche? Never woulda guessed it. And to be fair could I even identify a more recent version of a porche?? Nope. If someone asks me what kind of car i have (like it matters! ha!) I say, one that runs. Although for mechanical reasons I know the make and model (who's feelin' smart now, throwing around the big words?) of my car. But if I got hit or someone was making a getaway and I am ever asked, "What kind of car were they driving?"
    So screwed. If my life depended upon naming the car, I'd be dead.

    However I can determine the brand, model, and sometimes maker of a pointe shoe worn by a ballerina from all the way back in the audience. Sitting 4 rows back with my blind as a bat eyesight. One time, one was wearing a rare Russian brand I'd given up on fitting me and gave to the company for use. I was all, those are MY shoes! My freakin' shoes up there on stage! Lookit 'em go! (No, I didn't say it aloud. i'm not THAT crazy)

    Take that, car people. I'm sure this knowledge will come in useful. does. It's part of how I kinda sorta make a living. All right then. My geekiness has a use.Not even embarrassed. You'll note the pride with which I stated my identification skills. lol. And y'all thought my freakish passion for ballet would never have a purpose. ;P And that I'd never shut up about it. Okay fine- obsession. Are we good now?

    And for the record, pointe shoes can be used for self defense. I've successfully used them twice for such a purpose.
    "Couldn't tell ya the kind of car the bastard was driving, but you'll notice that the marks in the man's head were made by a brand new Capezio Aerial Triple A pointe shoe."
    Fine, so I'd never say that. Capezio doesn't make Aerial shoes anymore. Plus, such a statement would be incriminating.

    Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, food. And a blue car. Awesomeness. It is a cute looking car, I'll give it that much. ;)

  11. A cookbook, photos and vignettes of the family...See? I'm not the only one who thinks it would be a great idea!

  12. Yes, I think - it would be a great idea :)

  13. I suspect Nana has a ready-made buying group right here for such a great idea.

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  15. Beautiful photos. I love your "magic eye" - your ability to discover hidden beauty around you.

  16. I don't know, it just seems wrong to call a '65 Porsche a "blue car". :-)

    I also had never seen carrots that color, though I am starting to realize my food knowledge is sorely lacking in many areas! I told my husband about the pickled carrots, and he was like "of course I've heard of that-who hasn't".

    In the small world area: my Aunt used to manage the Capezio Outlet store in Wayne, New Jersey so I always got lots of stuff, though no pointe shoes...

  17. Cool car. Linda's brother Jeff would love it, he's a Porche nut.

    Jeff owns/runs Two fools Tavern in ABQ.