Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Morning With Helen

a hawk just as the sun starts to rise
San Ysidro Church

Chris who hates his picture taken manning the coffee bar at Oasis, our local coffee house

the cemetery on Old Church Road

Sun's up


  1. You're definitely mastering that camera.


  2. Cool pictures- you must be an early riser! The Cemetery is interesting, well they all are actually!

  3. Since no one else has the guts to say it, it looks like I've gotta. Boy Nana, you sure have a weird lookin' dog. It's legs are all long and skinny, and it looks all shadowy. You can't fool me, Nana- I think that's only a shadow dog. Couldn't you get a real dog, instead? Aw, poor Nana, well, I'm sure it's a real nice shadow dog.

    The pictures are very nice, indeed. Especially that one of a shadow- oh sorry, I mean, your dog. ;P

  4. So Nana, now you are armed and out and about with your camera, has having "shot" Chris given you a taste for blood? Can the rest of us feel safe anymore? Or are you coming after us for revenge..... Maybe the leopard skin shoe is on the other foot now....*G*