Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good -For -You Gingercake


  1. Wow, that picture looks really great.

    Off topic but I wanted to post here: I received my order of the Holiday Bouboulette's Friday and they were truly wonderful!

    First, the packaging was very nice: a little sprig of evergreen and a small pine cone- very Holiday!

    I ordered two boxes and gave one to my neighbors-they're going through a rough period right now. I got an email from them this morning and they said "Wow- those were delicious!"

    I kept the other box for myself and shared with my mother and husband (I could only eat the Apple Pie, unfortunately-bad nut allergy).

    I have to be honest- when you read that it's Apple Pie, you think you know what you are going to get for the most part- right? We've all eaten it probably in one way or another.

    However, the Apple Pie Bouboulette was really unique. The consistency is wonderful- it might be my favorite part- and the center- well, it's really delicious! I have to say I think it is the combination of the flavors that makes it so delicious. The consistency, sweet/sour combination is really wonderful and unique.

    My mother liked the Cherry Amaretto, and the Fruitcake- (which she said was very moist and tasty), but her favorite was the Pecan, as was my husband's as well.

    So, I just wanted to let you, and your blog friends know that they were truly delicious, and very unique- and I am not just saying that! I could have said nothing, I suppose, or just said, Wow, those were good.

    But they truly are a unique and creative food creation-their smaller size is genius,it makes it posssible to appreciate each one better I think.

    I have a new appreciation of your abilities!


    (I'm already making a list of folks who will be receiving some for the Holidays!)

  2. Lisa- that makes me so happy I can't tell you!

  3. nana, a topping with cream! and it would go down a treat" Yum! yum!

  4. Dear Nana! Many thanks for your interesting recipes.And I'd like to make "le petit cadeau" for you - videorecipe of our traditional russian pelmeni (meat pockets). Unfortunately, my english so terrible and I can't speak english good, and the voice of my video in russian. But I've witten small text in english and attached it to video. If it's interesting for you, you can see it in my blog:

    I'm not a good video-maker and it's only home video, but I hope it'll be useful and pleasant for you :)

  5. Nana, I nearly had a heart-attack when I saw that pic. I thought it was something chocolate and got so excited. Alas, ginger, pooh. Oh well. I have been looking for something to stuff my face with, I suppose ginger might not kill me.
    Back to bed for me. Maybe I'll think of a grocery list to pass the time. Molasses...well that stuff is good for you, it's true. Probably also why molasses taste nasty. Just saying.

  6. That is a very interesting video, Natalie. Thank you for the link.

  7. Fantastic new video. Thanks Nana (and Zan)!

  8. thanks Lenka!

    its been the same since I was a tiny girl- no one can make me laugh like my sister

  9. The video shows you are very close to each other. It must be great to have an older sister!

  10. nana, fantastic vidio, enjoyed the dancing" would that be your witch dance? have you and your big sister stop laughing yet"?

  11. The sauce and eggplant look great- I love eggplant-we tried to grow it this year, but it was so dry they didnt grow well.

    And how entertaining to watch the process- your sister looks like fun!

  12. I agree with Lenka. It's so nice video, which shows you are very close to each other. And there is magic and very family athmosfere. And so nice dances :) And, certainly, interesting recipe. Many thanks, Nana!

  13. Nana, I've also seen the second video with you and your sister and I have to tell you - now I know why you are so excellent cook! :)
    The witch-dances (in both of them) are very impressive and magical!
    It's a shame that I can't dance like you (because it might have a positive effect on my food too) :) ...

  14. Hey, I tried the GingerCake tonight- really great, so I think I will make it for Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for including it!

  15. Just wanted to say, to those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving - don't eat too much!