Friday, December 17, 2010

Outside My Kitchen Window This Morning


  1. So nice view and so nice photo!

    In Irkutsk now a lot of snow. Every day I'd like to make photos, but I haven't time at all now. May be next days I'll make some photos and show you our siberian winter, because it's very nice :)

    Nana, many thanks for nice photos and interesting videos!

  2. OMG! That is the most adorable wreath!! I love it!

    Girl, you need to do a Style by Nana post so we can admire your taste! :)

  3. Isn't that just wrong? SNOW? You'd think moving to the Southwest you'd have escaped the New England winters- as in snow and cold. Guess not.

    Love the wreath! I'm going to have to steal that idea. Though I didn't even notice the details at first- I was too distracted by the cold look of the snow. It should not snow in the southern part of the US, in my opinion. Though it's also my opinion that it not snow up here either, so that's that.

  4. Style by Nana- Great Idea!! It is a great wreath, and it does seem weird to see snow in New Mexico..

    Natalie: how much is "a lot of snow" there?

  5. Dang... beautiful shot, N.

    And it doesn't surprise me to see that much snow there. I remember that weekend in March several years ago when the 'Nanite' gaggle was there.. That Sunday night up at the Sandia Tramway when flurries started falling. And me flying out the next morning seeing all that white-stuff from the plane.


    Oh - luv the wreath with all the kitchen-implements. *G*


  6. Snow is cold. Cold is bad. Desert cold is very bad indeed. Must keep warm. Must keep very, very warm in order to think & act in a vaguely human manner, not write like grammarian machine

    (Yes, Robert really IS a wimp. He wants be able to wear open shirts even in mid-winter)

    With respect
    The wimp

  7. Oh, I wish that was the view outside my window. All I can see is snow when I look outside. Nothing but snow...and lots of it! Gotta love Michigan and the loads of lake effect snow that comes with it!

  8. So . . . when does the cookbook come out?

  9. Snow in New Mexico? That seems pretty crazy. Does it get very cold there in the winter?

    By the way, love the blog, Nana, and all the recipes! Thanks for sharing them with us! You're the best. No, seriously, you are! :)

  10. Wow! I always thought you haven't snow in NM.
    Beautiful picture!!!

  11. Very Nice! Hope king john [pedro] is being kept warm! and a full belly! with all the snow your having nana! Have you paid him another visit to check on him? Have a lovely Xmas Nana!Hope you have a nice dish prepared for christmas day! YUM YUM!!