Friday, July 9, 2010

New Life

I  was out with the dogs this morning when I saw our glamorous local artist Jasmine racing up our hill."New baby!"
Our next door neighbors have a herd of Alpacas and Jasmine is somewhat of a camel expert so I think she was called in to consult. I put the dogs in and raced over and saw a Daddy Long Legs shaped baby 15 minutes old.The mother and the other Alpacas sniffed the newcomer and were patient while she tried out her legs. I wanted to race home to get a picture for you but I was transfixed.
Today is a baking day and there will be rosemary ginger shortbread cookies, carrot cakes and brownies. Also, I want to make some candied lemon slices to put on top of lemon cake bites. Now that the weddings, festivals,etc. are accomplished I can get back to giving you some recipes and hopefully inspirations. Have a wonderful day.


  1. I saw in Wikipedia what Alpaca is. I've never seen it. It looks cute on the picture.
    I believe it was really a wonderful experience.

  2. Great post, I am intrigued by a "glamorous local artist" who is a camel expert- sounds like an interesting story!

    And of course, how neat to see the new baby!

  3. Wow! Are there any animals that aren't in your neighbourhood? and how is your own collection coming on?

  4. Alpacas are beautiful critters; but dumb. Real dumb. Not as dumb as water buffalo but close. You're lucky to get the chance to know them at close scatter, Ms V

  5. Nana, I’ve heard you are going to visit the CzechTrek Con in September. It’s absolutely fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing you.
    Have you ever been in Prague? Take a camera with you. There are a lot of beautiful places and buildings in this city...

  6. Pizza Hut, McD & KFC are every 2 blocks in the city. Yuck.

    But you can spend weeks in town and still not see everything you want.

    For silliness, if you have time, take the train to the 'burbs (passing classic Soviet architecture) and visit the Czech version of WalMart - the HyperMart! Across the street is the indoor shopping mall, just like the airconditioned mall in every city.

    Check out the Sunday paper. Looks exactly like a US Sunday paper including ALL the advertising inserts, and all in Czech.

    Definitely visit the Obecní dům (Municipal House) - incredibly building with two great eateries at street level (coffee house and a restaurant).

    Almost everyone in the center of town speaks English, not so in the 'burbs. The language is impossible to learn from a book - phonetics don't work. But - there's two ways of learning the most important word ("thank you") - first, watch the first 10 min. of Mel Brooks version "To Be or Not To Be". Bancroft takes bows and keeps saying "thank you" in Polish, but it sounds just like the Czech version. Besides, you get to watch Mel & Anne in the only musical number they ever did together.

    The second way is to find a czech speaker and have them teach you simple phrases. Here's a link: