Monday, November 8, 2010

Mona Lisa's Having A Baby

The beautiful Diana who bakes with me is very very close to meeting her baby. Last Saturday was her baby shower and since I was kneedeep in cooking for a Cubano dinner for twelve Kim and I were hosting that evening, I sent my love in the forms of ginger cakes, carrot cakes with candied carrot strips, red velvet cupcakes and these little Baby Cookies. Kim represented us at the party , and as we prepared for the dinner, she filled me in on how beautiful Mona Lisa looked and how sweet her family was.
Sending something that I hope charms or touches someone is sometimes a better representation of my intentions than I am, I think. I'ts certainly purer. Just love. And that's what I always mean.

These cookies are made with the linzer dough from the excellent Sherry Yard who adds Chinese five spice and orange rind to the traditional cookie. The potato starch pictures are edible, of course, and can be found on the Fancyflours website. A little tricky to work with but so worth it. Anything that can help me send the best part of me out to Mona Lisa and Matt and Baby is worth it!


  1. Oh my goodness! These are gorgeous!

    Thanks for the tip on Fancyflours - they have some very cute cookie cutters! I'm going to order a few in preparation for my annual Christmas cookie making bonanza! (If you have any tips on getting good lebkuchen, I'd love to hear them!)

  2. The cookies-pictures look so beautiful! It seems to me that they are a gorgeous decoration and it would be a pity to eat them.

  3. I think, Nana, that you have a marvellous way of sending love. And you certainly know how to present it well! Send some of that love my way any time you feel like it! *G*
    hugs john.

  4. Cookies are beautiful! ..

    Good thoughts and best wishes to M.L. on welcoming her new arrival...:-)

    Your patience in making these is really cool, very artistic...

    (Not sure why my profile now was Lisa3711. Darn google.)

  5. I've always believed you have a great heart, Nana. Now I'm certain of it.

    I hope those in your daily life appreciate just how kind and skilled you are.

  6. Amazing work! The world could do with more of people doing nice things like this.

  7. It's that time of year.

    Step Daughter-in-law just had her shower on Saturday, and Sunday morning gave birth to Grand-baby 2, Vivianne. Linda is beside herself.

  8. How adorable. The flavors in the shortbread sound marvelous, too. I've been wanting to try some sort of transfer paper design thing like this, but have never done it. Best wishes to Diana and her new baby.